May 17, 2020 — Wes Monceaux


I took a photo of a tractor parked at the edge of a field across the road from our house. I decided to try and paint a small study of it.

There are several things I'm not particularly happy with...

There is SO much green in this painting. I need to find a way to change up the colors a bit more.

While the tractor was darker with lots of white highlights, I should have made it a bit more red. I think the red would have complemented the greens and added some interest.

The trees on the right need to be a bit taller than the background trees on the left to improve the sense of depth. There is really a lack of depth. So the composition could use some work as well.

I may try again on a larger sheet of paper and see what happens.

Tractor In Field

Tags: watercolor, tractor

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